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The following describes our process for masking a room to prepare walls for interior painting.  Every project is different but we’ve outlined below a general guideline to ensure your project will go smoothly.

We’ve created a material list, a step by step guide and a quiz to test your knowledge.

Tools Needed:

Many of these tools can be purchased from your local hardware store.  We’ve included links to our Amazon store, which helps support our how-to program

1.  Pre-Arrival

Please refer to service standards post for instructions on how to communicate with a client and organize for a job.

2.  Room Preparation

  1. Organize Equipment – Place equipment over drop cloth in the area designated by the homeowner.  This questions should have been asked during the pre-arrival.
  2. Organize furniture – Assuming you are only painting the walls, items in the room should ideally be moved to a different room of the home.  If that is not possible, place items in the center of the room leaving at least 3-4 ft of space so you can lay drop clothes and operate a paint roller if extension.
  3. Cover room items – Any items that remain in the room should be covered with .31 mil plastic.
  4. Remove light covers – All light covers and vents should be removed and organized.  We like to use a Makita drill and impact set but you can easily use a hand crew driver for switch plates and vents.
  5. Lay down drop sheets – Cover carpet or hardwood with canvas drop sheets to protect flooring.

3.  Next Steps

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