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The following describes our process for masking a room before applying paint..  Every project is different but we’ve outlined below a general guideline to ensure your project will go smoothly.

We’ve created a material list, a step by step guide and a quiz to test your knowledge.

Tools Needed:

1. Pre-Arrival

Please refer to service standards post for instructions on how to communicate with a client and organize for a job.

2. Room Preparation

Please refer to room preparation post for instructions on how to get ready for drywall repairs and/or interior painting.

3. Drywall Repairs

Please refer to our drywall repair post for further instruction.

4.  Masking a room

After more extensive drywall repairs have been made we can start masking the room with paper, plastic and tape while the repair mud dries.  Achieving a crisp line along mill work can be done quickly with the right technique.

Click here to learn more about tape types & brands, when to use them and for what substrates they should be applied to.

  • Mask Trim – Prior to applying any tape, dust off mill work with a rag.  Using 1 1/2 inch tape (Intertape or Green Frog Tape), tape along mill work including base, around windows & doors etc.  Use the tape roll pressed to the wall as a guide for your line.  Extend tape and work in 1 ft increments.  Lightly dab on your tape with several fingers.  Next, run your finger along the tape line a little firmer.  To finish a good seal, use a 2 inch flexible knife to press the tape down once again.
  • Mantles/Banisters – Any horizontal surface that could get roll splatter we protect with paper.  Use a 3m hand masker with 9 inch paper and 1 1/2 inch intertape installed on hand masker.  Run paper over horizontal surfaces including fireplace mantles, banisters, shelfs, etc.  ANY area that is horizontal needs to be covered.  Remember that roller splatter can and will travel.
  • Bathrooms – Mask sinks, toilet edges, tubs/showers first with 1 1/2 inch tape (intertape or green frog tape).  After you have created your line with tape use a 3m hand masker with 72 inch poly installed.  Cover these surfaces with poly.  Remove mirrors.  Run tape along horizontal surfaces such as towel racks, toilet paper holders etc.

5.  Next Steps

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