Commercial painting project in Minnesota - OKeefe Painting


Commercial painting for precision tune in Apple Valley

Project Description

Precision Tune’s corporate office reached out for a quote letting us know all of the precision tunes in Minnesota were getting a facelift.  They contracted us out to for various painting tasks including installing a specialized coating for the roof of this building.  The intention was to hold off replacement of the metal roof and create a bit of pop when compared next to the yellow precision tune logo.  

The franchise owners said they’ve received many complements from the community and patrons about how much better the building looks.  The coating we used was and industrial two part epoxy.  It was one of the more expensive materials in recent months coming in at $600.00 per 5 gallon pale and we used over 75 gallons on this roof!

For preparation we first pressure washed, then we scuff sanded the entire roof.  After scuff sanding we had to wipe down the entire surface with denatured alcohol before applying our coating.  There was a lot of elbow grease put into this roof to ensure the coating would last!

We also sealed the entire block wall and painted all the yellow posts along with a few other items.   

Color Selections

The roof color was Sherwin Williams Graphite SW4017.  The yellow posts were a standard caution yellow and the brick coating was clear.

Project Challenges

The two biggest challenges on this project were all the neighboring businesses with their cars nearby and the weather.  The neighbor next door was a collision place with cars parked close by.  The other neighbor was lamperts lumber with a lot full of cars.  We had to communicate daily with these businesses to ensure none of the cars were damaged or effected by the coating we were spraying on this roof.  This was made even more challenging by a very wet spring with unpredictable rain changing our schedule daily.

Photos of apple valley precision tune