Pressure washing

  • Apply bio degradable cleaner to remove dirt build up and mold
  • Clean surface with pressure washer to remove dirt and loose paint
  • Rinse windows and fixtures
  • Pick-up paint chips and dispose
  • Upon request and noted in contract, clean concrete and/or deck
  • Wait for home to dry

Surface preparation

  • Scrape and or wire brush flaky paint
  • Feather sand edges of paint to make variation between painted surface and raw substrate less noticeable
  • Spot prime or in some cases full body prime with Sherwin Williams Peel Bond primer
  • Caulk expansion gaps, corners, windows and on cedar siding, joints where two pieces of siding meet together

Your preparation is complete at this point.  Following this preparation process gives us the confidence to provide you with a written warranty. 

Protecting your home

  • Mask unpainted surfaces with plastic and paper
  • Cover ground surfaces such as deck, furniture, patio and driveway
  • Mask light fixtures

Exterior Painting

  • Brush and roll or spray application depending on project scope
  • If spraying and working with porous surfaces such as cedar, back brush/back roll after spray to push paint into fibers
  • Two coat application to be completed upon request or based on our recommendation
  • Satin to semi-gloss sheen paints to be painted from corner to corner prevent lap marks
  • In cooler temps, paint application to be stopped 2 hrs prior to sunset to prevent surfactant leaching


  • Daily job site clean-up including organizing tools and materials
  • Bag and remove all garbage
  • Pick-up remaining paint chips
  • Remove plastic and tape
  • Replace hardware and furniture

Final Inspection

  • Coordinating time with client on final day to complete a walk-through of the project.  At this time we can complete any touch-ups necessary before packing up equipment
  • After all touch-ups have been completed and customer is satisfied, contract is signed and client is asked to fill out a quality scorecard