Job Site setup

  • Greet customer or access home if key or garage code is provided
  • Secure job site ie (move items, setup work area)


  • If applicable, move fridge to safe area using appliance air lift
  • Lay grip rite underlay to protect and cover flooors
  • Remove drawers/doors
  • Clean/degloss doors, drawers and cabinet boxes
  • Install dust barrier
  • Scuff sand surfaces to be painted
  • Load doors/drawers into truck for off site spraying
  • Setup and install air scrubber


  • Depending on contract, spray or brush and roll spec’d primer and top coat to cabinet boxes
  • After prime coat fill dings/damaged areas with bondo
  • In between coats sand, vac and tack clothe.  Before final coat caulk seams.
  • Upon completion of boxes clean-up kitchen and put fridge back if applicable
  • Spray doors off site following same process using spec’d primer and top coat


  • Wrap doors in wax paper after they have dried
  • Deliver doors/drawers to client


  • Lay moving blanket over island to re-install doors/drawers hardware.  
  • Install door hinges and hardware

Final Inspection

  • Touchup doors and drawers as needed
  • Clean dust and debris
  • Inspect cabinets with client and collect customer satisfaction survey.