House painters painting a house in lakeville mn
Before painting the house in lakeville mn

Project Description

Our client reached out to us after she closed on the home above in Lakeville, MN.  It was her dream home but she had a lot of updating and repair work both inside and out.  The exterior had been neglected for 10+ years and she thought the siding might need to get replaced.  I proposed painting for her which included a thorough pressure wash, sanding, oil priming and two quality top coats.  As you can see from above the difference is amazing and she was extremely happy.  A customer for life!

Color Selections

During the initial consultation Katie and I discussed colors in general terms to get an idea of layout so I could provide an estimate.  As we neared the start of her project I stopped back out to discuss some pictures she was inspired by.  We discussed positives/negatives of certain colors in terms of durability and I gave her my suggestion on what I think might look good.  This home is custom built with some unique design aspects and my client wanted to emphasize certain features of her home.  Ultimately she decided on the above layout/color pallet and it was a nice change for us as craftsman to get away from safe colors and work on something unique.

Project Challenges

We had a lot of prep work to do on this project.  Some of that prep work included removing old silicone unpaintable caulk from around a few windows.  This project took about 2 weeks to complete and for the most part our average project takes 5 days.

Project Video

Check out the video below demonstrating the very important step of back rolling on real wood surfaces.  After we mask, prep and spray our coating we back roll the paint to push it into the natural wood fibers.

Photos of Lakeville Project