If you’re thinking about painting the interior or exterior of your house, you might be considering paint colors. Before you run out to the store, read this article. There are some surprising hues and color choices the new year has brought in you won’t want to miss.

Interior House Paint Colors

For interior colors, the trend is all shades of pastels, light, dreamy colors that are cool and refreshing. Here are the shades:

Blues – From navy kitchen cabinets to pastel blue walls, this color is here to stay. Another trend is to combine blues and whites and creams for kitchen cabinets. Blues go well with natural fabrics, wood, and of course, anything white.

Pastel Pink – you heard that right, pink. But not just any shade of pink. From an almost white with just a tint of pink to a peachier shade. And it’s not just for bedrooms or bathrooms. This color is making a debut in living rooms all over the country. It pairs well with grey, light tan, and white.

Greens – From pastel green to jade and army green, this color is popular once again. And not just one shade per room. Shades of green mix well together and work with more natural woods and decor. White woodwork looks exceptionally sharp, paired with all shades.

Yellows – We couldn’t talk about pastels without mentioning yellow. From buttercream to bright yellow accents, this cheerful hue brings the sunshine in and brightens any room. This color is especially popular in kitchens this year.

Exterior House Paint Colors

For interior colors, the trend is all shades of pastels, light, dreamy colors that are cool and refreshing. Here are the shades showing for the outside in 2020:

Ivory, White & Accent – A classic combination that’s here to stay is ivory for the primary color, bright white for the trim, and a colorful accent like aqua for the front door. This combination works well on almost any design of a home.

White, Dark Brown & Red – think Tutor and you have the exact color combination we’re talking about. Navajo white works well as the primary body color with dark brown trim. The best color for the front door is a pure ruby red

Deep-Sea Green, White & Red – This color combination looks exceptionally beautiful on a two-story home with lots of windows. The deep-sea green is for the body color, white is for all of the trim, and the red is for the front door.

Green, Moss, White & Accent – Just like interior colors, green is popular this year. A lighter green is for the body with a darker moss green for any shutters. White trims out the windows and the front door is an accent color. For example, if you have a tile roof – make the door a deep terracotta to match.

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