On many siding restoration jobs we do a full restore which includes stripping, pressure washing and conditioning the wood.  We typically follow that up with machine sanding the surface.  That process is very labor intensive and for this Prior Lake siding stain job we elected to do a light pressure wash followed with a tinted application of Sikkens log and siding in the Cedar Tone.

The nice thing about Sikkens log and siding is that it is film forming so if you have patchy areas where old stain has worn to the wood Sikkens log and Siding has the ability to provide some uniformity between the raw substrate and substrate with stain still intact.

By applying a tinted version of the stain, the surface will darken from its original finish.  Ideally, you apply a clear maintenance coat every 5-7 years before the clear satin sheen has worn off.  This will protect the current finish and color without making the siding darker.

Communicating this to the homeowner, our client elected to save on a full restore and instead have a light wash followed with the tinted version of stain.  She really loved the final outcome.  We also spray painted her garage doors to freshen up the entire exterior.