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The following describes our process for sanding a wood deck.  We include operation of a clarke orbital floor sander as well as a 5 inch makita random orbital sander for detail work.

Tools Needed:

Many of these tools can be purchased from your local hardware store.  We’ve included links to our Amazon store, which helps support our how-to program.

1.  Pre-Arrival

Please refer to service standards post for instructions on how to communicate with a client and organize for a job.

2. Sanding

  • Refer to work order for details on what surfaces need sanding but make sure to always sand the horizontal top handrail.  Wear a respirator and use a Makita random orbital sander with 100 grit hook and loop sandpaper.
  • After pressure washing was completed, the customer has an option to select floor sanding.  If customer selected floor sanding, use the clarke orbital floor sander with a red pad and 60-100 grit sandpaper.  Its important to sand with the grain of the wood.
  • Customers final option is to select interior railing sanding.  For this we would use the Makita random orbital sander.
  • After all surfaces have been sanded, blow off deck surfaces using a leaf blower.

Next Steps:

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