Project Description

Our client near Minneapolis wanted to update his kitchen by painting the cabinets and walls on their main level.  The cabinets were about 15 years old with a yellow/orange maple finish.  Closed grained wood like Maple is a great candidate for cabinet painting because the finish turns out really smooth.  We used a cabinet coating that allows us to add a catalyst giving the coating increased chemical and scratch resistance.  The walls were painted using Benjamin Moore Scuff X in the Matte finish.  At the final walk through with the client he informed me that his daughter drew on the walls with lipstick the day after we painted.  He said it wiped right off! Sigh of relief and also a testament to the quality of Benjamin Moore Scuff X.

Color Selections

Since painting the cabinets has such an impact our client opted to have our designer meet with them to discuss colors.  For the cabinets they decided on Benjamin Moore Paper White and for the walls they decided on Benjamin Moore Silver Satin.

Video of Minneapolis job

Cabinet painting project starting in Plymouth this week. We’ll also be painting walls on the main lvl. I ask my lead painter what he likes about being a painter. He enjoys the transformation and putting a smile on peoples faces 😊

Posted by OKeefe Painting on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Project Challenges

This was an 80 piece kitchen set so the main challenge was having enough drying racks in our shop.  By 80 pieces that means the number of items we need to remove to bring back to our spray shop for finishing.  The second big challenge was the amount of dings/dents that need repair and were not quit visible when doing the estimate.  Most of these imperfections don’t rear their ugly face until after you’ve applied primer and we had quite a bit of defects to repair with bondo before applying our top coat.  This extended the project timing a little more than we would have liked 🙂

Photos of Minneapolis Project