Tools Needed:

  • (2) – Two foot ladders 
  • Multi Ladder
  • 3M Hand masker 
  • Appliance air lift (Optional)
  • (2) Utility Knifes (Cut plastic)
  • (2) 1.5 inch flex blade putty knife
  • Work light
  • Roller Trays 
  • Impact Drill, Variable Speed Drill
  • Drill Bits
  • Pop up garbage bag container
  • Black sharpe marker

Materials Needed:

  • (2) rolls 1.5 inch Green Frog Tape 
  • (2) rolls 1.5 inch Yellow Frog Tape 
  • (3) rolls 1.5 inch Intertape 
  • (4) rolls 2 inch intertape
  • (2) rolls 12 inch hand masker paper 
  • (1) roll 72 inch 3M handmasker plastic 
  • Grip Rite Roof Underlayment (Cover floor and counters)
  • Garbage Bags 
  • Shoe Covers


  1. Install shoe covers 
  2. If client would like inside box area of cabinets painted where fridge is and homeowner asks us to move fridge ask homeowner to sign a hold harmless agreement and move fridge outside kitchen area using appliance air lift.
  3. Install 1.5 inch yellow frog tape around edges where paint is to be applied.  This includes quarter round, base trim, around island, etc. 
  4. Place Grip Rite Underlayment over floor and secure to frog tape using 1.5 inch intertape.  Tape all seams and make sure all edges are sealed to floor. Yellow frog tape should be the only tape applied directly to wood flooring.
  5. Install 1.5 inch intertape or green frog tape around underside of counters 
  6. Place Grip Rite Underlayment over counters and secure with 1.5 inch intertape.
  7. With 12 inch paper, slide paper in between microwave and cabinet.  Finish masking microwave with 12 inch paper and 1.5 inch intertape. If cabinet box and microwave are fit too tight not allowing paper to slide in between mask microwave edge with frog tape.
  8. Mask around dishwasher.  Open dishwasher door to mask rubber dishwasher seal area.
  9. With 12 inch paper slide paper in between cabinet box and stove.  Finish masking body of stove with 72 inch 3M hand masker plastic.  Secure plastic to grip rite underlayment with 1.5 inch intertape.
  10. If you’re not painting kitchen walls, use 1.5 inch yellow frog tape and mask wall where it connects to cabinet boxes.  Place frog tape 1/8 inch away from box revealing a tiny amount of wall paint.  Don’t tape tight to the box because you need to caulk along cabinet edge right before final coat.
  11. Remove drawers and uninstall drawer guides.  Remove drawer faces from drawer boxes.  (only if drawer face removes, some are permanently attached) 
  12. If drawer box is permanently attached to drawer face, set aside to take entire drawer with face attached back to shop.
  13. If you removed drawer face from drawer box, place drawer boxes in designated area of home as decided by client.  You should ask them where you should place them when you first arrive
  14. Remove doors.  Inside the hinge hole label each door with black marker sequentially from left to right.  Place small piece of tape over number and make sure tape doesn’t cover what should end up getting painted.  Stack doors in kitchen.
  15. Place hinges inside cabinet box.  Lower hinge gets placed closer to outside edge.  Upper hinge gets place further back inside box or higher up inside cabinet.  Place hinge screws in plastic baggies.
  16. After doors are removed, install green frog tape on bottom edge of cabinet boxes and edge of cabinet shelf.