Having the exterior of your home painted can make a significant difference in its appearance. A good paint job can make an old and neglected house look new, and a dated home more modern and up-to-date. Plus, the paint protects surfaces like siding, stucco, and brick. To make sure the job you get will last, here’s a list of steps the best exterior painting contractors use. These are especially important because exterior paint tends to fade in our harsh Minneapolis weather.

  • Cleaning – even the best-kept homes need exterior cleaning. Washing the entire structure down with a mild detergent helps loosen dirt, debris, mold, and oxidized paint. Once the soap is applied, it’s time for thorough pressure washing.
  • Pressure Washing – does an excellent job of cleaning surfaces like siding, cement, bricks, eaves, and decks. By having everything clean, any paint or stain will adhere much better. When power washing decks, it’s important not to get too close and splinter the wood. And of course, before starting, make sure to close all windows and doors tight.
  • Protection – it’s essential to make sure everything that shouldn’t get paint on it is covered and protected. That includes windows, light fixtures, brick, cement, vehicles, and swimming pools.
  • Exterior paint preparationPreparation – although cleaning and pressure washing did a good job, there still can be some preparation to do. That includes scraping off any remaining loose or peeling paint, filling holes and cracks, setting any nails that have popped up, and priming any bare wood or meta
  • Seal – all joints need to be sealed with a high-quality acrylic latex caulk so that water doesn’t get into the siding or interior of the home.
  • Primer – Loxon® conditioner primer by Sherwin Willams is an excellent product to use in the Minneapolis area. It locks on paint and prevents premature fading by neutralizing the pH. When O’Keefe Painting finds a home with faded paint, we use Loxon®.
  • Paint – once all of the preparation is complete, it’s time to apply a high-quality, low luster sheen paint by Sherwin Williams. The low luster helps reflect UV rays that fade color prematurely. The product must be top quality so your paint job will last and look good for years without fading.
  • Guarantee – when you have the exterior of your home painted, ask about a warranty. O’Keefe Painting offers a 3-year quality workmanship guarantee.

Exterior Paint Colors For Houses

Any colors you choose need to work with the design of the home. For example, a Victorian can have several more colors than other architectural designs. Overall, it’s smart to avoid bold choices and go for a more timeless look. If the house has brick or stone, make sure the paint compliments them. And before making a final decision, take a look at your roof and choose a palette that will go well. 

Here are the latest trends in color choices:

  • Cool neutrals
  • Grays are still popular
  • White with gray trim if you’re going to sell

Sherwin Willams has some beautiful examples of residential exterior color palettes. You can also take a tour of your favorite neighborhoods to get some ideas. If you need help deciding, O’Keefe painting offers a free color consultation to our customers.

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