This home had not been painted in over 10 years so the previous coating was flaky pretty heavily.  We applied downstream applied a house cleaner and pressure washed really well with a turbo nozzle.  After the home had a chance to dry we scraped, sanded and peel bond primed.  These preparation steps are fairly standard for exterior homes with flaky paint.   As house painters our goal is to get a paint job to last 8-10 years with minor maintenance very few years.

After the surface was prepped we caulked, covered windows and spray applied Duration in a Flat sheen.  We spray paint on, back roll to work paint into surface and then follow that up with another light spray coat.  We call this a modified two coat system.

After the body was sprayed we hand paint the fascia with a brush and roller.  Customer was surprised and pretty excited about the final outcome.

Exterior painting photos