Project Description

Our Rosemount client called because they saw one of our trucks in the neighborhood and they needed the exterior of their home painted.  They didnt want to change the colors but the original builder paint had faded really badly and the old paint had a powdery residue from oxidation.  Our client liked their original colors but wanted to freshen it up with a higher quality paint that will resist fading.  Fading is difficult to prevent in deeper based colors but we have a few options to help darker colors resist fading as long as possible.

Color Selections

A lot of neighborhoods in Rosemount will restrict homeowners to a specific color palette and require approval if a change is made.  Its not all that bad because it keeps the neighbor across the street from painting their home bright pink.  This Rosemount house painting client didnt have to worry about getting approval because they really liked the previous color so they were able to provide us with the original color codes for a match.  In case you would like a color match, providing us with the color code is always the easiest to get the perfect match to the original color.  

Faded Paint Problems

Combination of lower quality flat paint, deeper colors and failure to condition elevated PH in cement based siding can all add to poor color retention.  Please read this post where I describe paint fading problems in more detail.

Video of Rosemount Job

Rosemount exterior painting project. Our process for painting colors with accented shakes & trim. #housepaintersmn #rosemountpainters #freshpaint #okeefepainting

Posted by OKeefe Painting on Monday, April 8, 2019

Project Challenges

We had a few safety concerns above the roof which required extra time to setup a safe work area.  We spent more time than usual masking because of the three colors with the accented shakes.  Other than the oxidized paint the home was in really good shape so we didnt have a lot of surface preparation which was nice.  I remember during this project we had really heavy winds which always poses a challenge when trying to paint the exterior of a home.  Its not just the paint spray traveling but also the plastic/tape getting removed with the wind.  We had a period of 3 or 4 days where we couldnt paint because of heavy winds coupled with rain showers.  Other than these challenges the project went really smooth and our Rosemount client was extremely happy with the final product.

Photos of Rosemount Exterior Project