Project Description

Stephen and Elissa asked for a quote to update their oak kitchen cabinets in their 30 year old Eagan home.  We provided them with samples of what our mid tier cabinet painting option looks like and they were really excited and we scheduled the work.  Mid tier option includes an oil prime coat and two coats of enamel.  With this option the oak grain will get filled but you’ll still see some of the texture.

Color Selections

Stephen and Elissa were uncertain about what color to pick for the center island.  They knew they wanted it accented and something that went well with their back splash but they needed help deciding.  We sent our color consultant out to help narrow down some options and guide them in the right direction.  They ended up going with Dover white for the main cabinets and Halcyon Green for the island.  While all the cabinets were masked we were unsure about the center island color but after all the doors were completed and all the masking was removed the color combinations really came together.  They were very pleased with the look of having their oak cabinets painted along with the colors they selected.

Video of Eagan Job

Painted oak kitchen cabinets. In this video we show you what oak cabinets look like after they’ve been painted.We have a few options for oak cabinets. This is our mid tier option which means you’ll still see some texture but we let you decide what option work best for your kitchen.

Posted by OKeefe Painting on Monday, March 11, 2019

Project Challenges

In order to fill the deep oak grain we had to apply a heavy coat of oil primer.  The primer ended up taking a couple days to dry before we were able to sand where as typically we can sand the next day.  The primer on the doors had some pinholes likely because of our heavy application coat.  Because of the pin holes we had some extra sanding before we were able to apply our first top coat.

Photos of Cabinet Painting Project