Project Description

Our Lakeville client, Anissa had been following our facebook feed for awhile and decided she wanted to update her kitchen and her entertainment built in.  She felt the darker stained maple wood made the kitchen feel small and claustrophobic.  She had some detailed trim piece on her cabinet doors that she considered glazing to provide some depth.  We took a cabinet door off site with us to put a sample together for her and she ultimately decided to keep the cabinets one color.  In total we had 90 items to paint so this project took us about two weeks to complete.  Anissa and her family were on vacation throughout the project and came home to her beautiful kitchen.  She was really happy with her choice to paint the cabinets.

Color Selections

Being an interior designer, Anissa decided on a color and elected to have us spray a sample so she could see the color.  We wanted to make sure she liked the color before she went on vacation so I thought putting a sample together was a good idea.  After completing the sample and showing it to Anissa she wanted to go with a slightly darker color.  We re-shot the sample with a different color and she said it was perfect!  The final color scheme ended up being Sherwin Williams Marshmallow for the entertainment built in and Benjamin Moore Nimbus Grey for the fire place mantle and kitchen cabinets.

Video of Lakeville Job

Final sanding, cleaning and tack clothe before our final coat of finish on these cabinets/built ins.

Posted by OKeefe Painting on Thursday, February 7, 2019

Project Challenges

To prepare the area for painting Anissa and her family moved furniture to one side of the room.  Anissa had just painted the walls so we were not tasked with painting.  Masking the 20 foot walls was a big challenge with all the items still in the room.  Another challenge we had was a week after we completed the project Anissa informed me of a missing pixel in her 75 inch TV.  It looked like a ladder or piece of equipment may have bumped the fragile screen and caused the damage.  It was a tough pill to swallow but I ended up buying Anissa a new TV and now we’re the proud owners of a 75 inch shop TV.  Sometimes mistakes happen and they’re hard to avoid but if I could have planned better I would have either asked Anissa to move the TV out of the work area or covered the TV with a soft moving blanket before masking it with plastic. 

Photos of Lakeville project