Wall paper removal Minneapolis and St Paul MNDo you have wall paper on your walls making your home look dated? Alltimate Painting can help you with the process of updating your home with wall paper removal and a fresh coat of paint. While anyone can remove wall paper on their own, doing so carefully without damaging the walls does take some skill and expertise.  You have to know what wall paper removal process works best depending on the type of wall paper you’re trying to remove.  For a free consultation on this process please fill out our contact form or give us a call at 612-298-2244.

Minneapolis and St. Paul Wall Paper Removal

There are a number of methods to remove wall paper. Here are a couple methods used by Alltimate Painting Services:

  • DIF –  This is the first method we try as it’s the quickest. We apply it liberally to the wall and let it soak for about 15 minutes. We then try removing the top layer of paper. Wall paper usually removes in two layers.  You have the top layer and the paper backing where the glue is attached.  The DIF works great when used with a four inch taping knife to scrape away the paper backing and glue.
  • Steamer – This method is used on some of the harder to remove wall paper jobs.  It works by heating and adding moisture to the glue backing allowing the paper to loosen from the wall.

Often times a combination of these two methods are used to remove wall paper.  Whatever works the fastest while keeping the drywall intact is the method we will use.

Wall Paper Removers in Minneapolis and St Paul

After the wall paper has been removed we will fix any imperfections in the wall by skim coating with drywall mud.  Two coats of drywall mud are applied to make sure you won’t ever see the imperfections due to the mud shrinking.  After patching and sanding we will prime with a product that will seal out any glue residue. Now you’re ready for paint! We’re also professional Minneapolis and St. Paul interior painters. We can handle the wall paper removal as well as finishing it with a fresh coat of paint.

Free Wall Paper Removal Quote

If you have old wall paper in your home or business that you need to have removed, we can take care of it for you. We have professional methods which allow us to complete the removal process quickly and efficiently.  For your free estimate, call us at 612-298-2244 and we’ll schedule a time to meet with you to discuss your project.