Drywall repair contractor minneapolis st paulDrywall can become damaged for a number of reasons. You will never notice these imperfections with professional drywall repair. Whether it’s a large dent in the wall or a hairline fracture from your house settling, Alltimate Painting Services can repair your drywall. 

We can also dispose of old drywall if it is compromised from mold or mildew. To get your free drywall repair estimate call Alltimate Painting at 612-298-2244 or fill out our contact form.

Different Types of Mud for Drywall Repairs

There are different types of drywall mud and each has their own dry time and level or hardness.

  • All purpose – Used for taping and applying orange peel, knockdown textures. This can be used for coating but it tends to shrink more and sands a little harder.
  • Topping – Used for 1st and second coats. This shrinks a little less than the all purpose and is a little easier to sand.
  • Quick set or accelerated mud – This comes in paper bags as a powder form that you simply mix with water. You have dry times which vary from 5 minutes to 210 minutes.

Types of Drywall Tape

For taping seams you we have options to use paper tape or mesh tape. Each have their advantages. The main advantage to mesh tape is we don’t have to pre-mud the seams before applying the tape.  The mesh tape has a sticky back which can be pressed on with a drywall knife.  However, the mesh tape doesn’t work as well for corners.  It tends to crack and it’s difficult to form into the corners where paper tape has a seam down the middle allowing it to easily slide into the corner.

A Fact about Drywall

Drywall is a popular building material because is fire resistant. Homes with drywall rather than wood paneling or another material, tend to burn slower, giving its occupants more time to get to safety. The reason for this is the gypsum within the drywall contains water of crystallization. When heat or fire is present, that water is released as steam. This slows down any kind of heat transfer to adjacent rooms. So one room can be hundreds of degrees, while the next room doesn’t exceed the boiling point.

Receive an Estimate for Drywall Repair

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