Deck refinishing MinnesotaFor deck refinishing in MN often times deck sanding is a necessary process. If your deck is experiencing issues such as cracking, fading or splintering then sanding may be the best option.  Sanding the wood helps to remove the top layer of dead fibers which can’t hold stain very well.  Deck sanding can also remove old finish if you want to change the color of your deck. When applying a penetrative stain, it is ideal for the old deck stain to be removed in order for the new deck stain to absorb completely into the wood.  Removing the old stain can be a very difficult task even for professionals using commercial equipment.  In many cases the preparation accounts for the majority of the project cost. Using commercial floor sanding equipment, and a variety of other sanders, we at Alltimate Painting Services have perfected the process of Deck sanding and refinishing in Minnesota. For a free estimate on deck refinishing and sanding call us at 612-298-2244 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate.
Here is our list of services for deck refinishing in MN:

Prior To Deck Sanding

We come to your home and inspect your deck to figure out the best and appropiate method for refinishing.  We like to establish clear expectations at the beginning of every project.  If you prefer, you can choose from a number of refinishing options, especially since each option will come with a different cost. This is to ensure you are within your budget, while also getting the results that you want.

The Sanding Process

When sanding is integrated into the deck refinishing process, a full day of preparation is usually needed. We do top rail and floor sanding and in some unique cases we may sand the railings. Before we begin refinishing, all nails and screws are fastened securely to the deck floor. This not only tightens the floorboards but also prevents nail heads from tearing up the sand paper. We then set up our floor sander. The commercial floor sander we use is an integral part in the refinishing process.  It’s dimensions are 12 by 18 inches and it sand’s in an orbital motion. Many people think floor sanding involves using a drum sander or belt sander. This isn’t the case for cedar decks.  In fact, if a drum sander were used you would have all sorts of problems with the different levels of the boards as well as screw and nail heads. For stairs, hand rails and hard to get to areas we have hand held orbital sanders and belt sanders.  Typically, we get as much completed with the larger floor sander and finish up the details with our smaller hand held equipment

After Sanding

After the cedar deck has been sanded and cleaned, the wood will take a couple of days to dry. Once it’s dry, the deck will be stained by our team of deck staining professionals. By restoring your deck you are enhancing the appearance of your home, giving your deck a whole new life, making your deck safer, and you are saving money by not having to prematurely replace your deck.

Free Estimate

If your deck is worn down, dried out and moldy, it’s time to refinish. Our deck sanding and restoration techniques are affordable and you can choose the restoration option that is right for you. To get started, fill out our contact form or call us at 612-298-2244 for your free consultation.